Papoose Rainbow Trees

3 Rainbow felted top (top red, then orange, yellow, geen, blue, and purple) trees and wood trunks SALE

Magic Forest

$50.00 $63.00

Includes: 3 trees with rainbow colored felted tops and wooden trunks
Materials: Fair-trade wool, sustainably sourced wood and non-toxic dyes
Care: Papoose Wool Care Instructions and Wood Care Instructions
Origin: Handmade in Nepal
Dimensions: 7"-11"
Age recommendation: 3 years +

Please Note: The trunks are made from real wood, hence they are all different! Wood is a living material that keeps changing, contracting and expanding with different ambient temperatures and humidity levels. The wood may or may not be cracked or crack along the natural lines in the wood. This is natural! It can not be controlled in any way and we see this as an added special feature of this product.