TicToys products are made entirely in Germany out of local materials and with the help of family-run workshops. We also cooperate with charitable organizations such as Diakonie Leipzig. The only exceptions are the fair-trade organic cotton Tualoop carrying bag and the cork strip components of das.Brett — those don't grow in Germany, or at least not yet! TicToys products are made to be easy on the environment. By using local renewable resources and modern biopolymers, we offer an alternative to the tacky plastic toys. All our paints and varnishes are water-based and free of heavy metals. Our packing materials, too, are made to be easily reused. TicToys is all about durability and fine workmanship. Our toys are made to become family heirlooms rather than to end up in the trash after only a few weeks' use. In order to bring you such high quality, we rely on traditional craftsmanship, such as woodturning from the German Erzgebirge, as well as the newest engineering advances, such as biopolymers from Baden-Württemberg.TicToys games stimulate through their simplicity. Our no-frills designs leave the possibilities open  and let your imagination and creativity do the work — no matter what makes you tick :-)